Subaru accessories for your pet

First of all, click on “Massage Chair” to enjoy 15 seconds of this bulldog living his best life.

Your dog is as much a member of the family as anybody else, so it stands to reason that Subaru offers a host of accessories just for them.

If you’ve got a furry family member, chances are you’ve already got harnesses, water dishes and more designed to travel with your pet. But there’s nothing better than genuine dealer parts to add to Fido’s motoring experience.

Consider a pet-friendly padded seat protector designed to protect your back seats from fur, drool, and grimy paw prints. It’s designed without buckles or straps and installation is quick and easy.

If your dog is most comfortable in the rear cargo area, a cargo tray makes cleanup a breeze after a romp in the lake.

A rear step pad is a good way to protect the upper surface of the painted bumper from scratches and dings, and door scruff protectors help keep the interior looking new. A compartment separator is also a good way to keep Fido in the back — instead of underfoot.

As part of its commitment to pets, Subaru Canada is a Signature Sponsor of the St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog program. Launched in 1992, the volunteer program enables selected dogs and their handlers to visit hospitals, long-term care facilities, schools, or any setting where people may be feeling lonely or isolated. The dogs offer a therapeutic service, including comfort to patients, companionship for seniors, building self-esteem among youths at risk and children with special needs, and stress relief from exams for college and university students.