The breakdown on the break-in

Modern Subarus are an engineering marvel: they contain thousands upon thousands of precisely manufactured and installed components, built to deliver the best driving experience. And how you drive your car in the first 1,600 km (1,000 miles) can affect its future performance. Important components like the valve seats, piston rings, and more will settle into position over these initial miles.

New owners often fall into one of two categories when they pick up their new baby from the dealership: they’re either the type of person who can’t wait to put the pedal to the metal, or they are filled with a sense of overprotectiveness. So, before you strap into the driver’s seat, check your owner’s manual to see what is recommended.

Generally, the advice is similar from model to model, and it comes down to this: for the first 1,600 km, try to drive your car smoothly through the range of RPMs and speeds it will experience throughout its lifespan. Avoid driving at one constant speed for extended periods of time and, unless you’re in an emergency, don’t race the engine or punch it above 4,000 RPM, and try to avoid hard braking.