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When it comes to finding a Subaru mechanic, there’s no better place to go than a Subaru service center. While many independent repair shops can offer quality service, there are distinct advantages to getting your car serviced at the dealership – even if you’re only looking for Subaru maintenance like an oil change or battery replacement.

The first your warranty. if your vehicle is still under warranty, taking it to a Subaru mechanic at a dealership is the best way to protect your coverage. Dealerships follow Subaru’s guidelines and specifications for repairs and maintenance, ensuring that your warranty remains valid.

And because dealership service centers specialize in Subaru vehicles, their technicians have undergone extensive training and have access to specialized diagnostic equipment and tools designed specifically for Subarus. That makes them the best equipped to accurately diagnose and address any issues your vehicle may have. They can efficiently perform complex repairs like a head gasket replacement or maintenance tasks like changing an air filter — or even help show you how to do something simple, like a Subaru fob battery replacement.

At Willowdale Subaru, you benefit from experts including technician Kenny Lam, who earned the nod as the No. 1 technician in Canada at the 2022 Subaru National Technician Competition. He represents Canada this year in Japan at the World Subaru Technician competition.

Customers can also be confident that dealer mechanics will use genuine Subaru parts and accessories designed and manufactured to meet Subaru’s stringent quality standards. Dealerships are also in the loop on any recalls or technical service bulletins specific to your model and they are best prepared to handle any necessary repairs or updates.

Finally, when it comes to selling your car, the service history becomes part of the vehicle’s value. Prospective buyers often place a premium on a well-documented service history and having your Subaru serviced at the dealership for its lifetime helps maintain a complete and accurate record.

Service is recommended every 10,000 km. Book your next service today!