As winter approaches, so too does the prospect of navigating icy and snowy roads. But when it comes to tackling the challenges of winter driving, Subaru owners can gain confidence from the benefits of all-wheel-drive and advanced safety features.

Subaru’s Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system delivers traction and stability in all kinds of conditions, and especially on snowy and icy roads. For additional security, anyone driving in temperatures under about five-degrees Celsius (that means you) should ask your dealer about a winter tire upgrade.

Standard traction control helps to minimize wheelspin and is a vital assist for day-to-day winter driving conditions. But for a low-speed drive in hazardous conditions, like forging an unplowed chalet driveway or making your way up (or down) an icy hill, Subaru X-MODE is an invaluable assist. Available on Forester, Crosstrek, Outback, and Ascent models, X-MODE helps to manage the kind of wheelspin that gets you stuck. It optimizes power delivery to front and rear wheels and adjusts the limited-slip differential for tough conditions to ensure the grip is where you need it.

In the face of a winter storm, staying informed about road conditions is paramount. Adjusting your driving speed, using your lights and wipers effectively, and adhering to tips for driving on icy roads and black ice are essential practices. By relying on Subaru’s safety features and adopting a well-rounded approach to winter driving preparation, you can confidently navigate throughout the winter season.