2024 BRZ

The 2024 Subaru BRZ takes a proven formula for designing and engineering a world class 2+2 sport coupe and ratchets everything up to entirely new levels. Contact us to test drive one today!

Thing of beauty, corner carver

A tradition for meticulous and unique engineering was in full force during the development of the Subaru BRZ. The goal was to produce authentic sports car performance by combining a classic rear-wheel drive configuration, an aerodynamically sculpted shape, the lowest possible centre of gravity and the lightest possible construction. Now, with the second-generation model, all of these characteristics have been elevated. This car is lower, more balanced, more aerodynamic and higher performing than ever before. The result is a beautiful 2+2 sports coupe—some would contend more beautiful than ever before.

Completely redesigned, more engaging than ever

Welcome to the home office—the classic sports car designed passenger cabin of the 2024 Subaru BRZ, everything was studied, analyzed and enhanced to generate more engagement and more excitement. All the controls are strategically positioned for fast access, the leather steering wheel is designed for maximum grip, the lighter sport seats are carefully designed for increased support in the corners, and the LCD information panel is ergonomically engineered for instant recognition and improved legibility. The interior also features more high-grade fabrics and accents, a wealth of multimedia features including a dynamite infotainment system, and the added versatility of flat-folding rear seats and generous trunk.

Engineered to raise the bar

When the engineers at Subaru first conceived of the BRZ, they began with a clean sheet of paper. When it was time to tackle the second-generation model, they took what was so successful the first time around and elevated everything to new heights. The process involved a new SUBARU BOXER® engine, updated transmissions, new suspension and steering systems—everything calibrated to work within the second-generation design. The result is a Subaru—and a sports car that’s been engineered to outperform more than ever.