Can I purchase a Subaru vehicle from the U.S.A. and import it into Canada?

Not all new USA Subaru vehicles are able to be imported into Canada because of differences in safety and emission regulations between Canada and the United States. Contact the National Registrar for Imported Vehicles 1-888-848-8240 or visit their website at to obtain a list of eligible vehicles.

If you have a USA vehicle that is eligible to be imported into Canada you must first obtain a statement of recall clearance letter from Subaru of America. 1-800-782-2783

Please note that in order to obtain warranty repairs for 2008 and newer cars you will have the option of:
1. Returning to the United States to have the repair completed at no cost to yourself
2. Have the repair performed at a Canadian Subaru dealer and submit the invoice to Subaru of America for reimbursement