Can I use my cell phone in my Subaru using the cigarette lighter?

You can use the in-dash receptacle as an accessory plug, BUT ONLY IF IT IS NOT ALSO USED AS A CIGARETTE LIGHTER.

If the in-dash lighter receptacle is ever used for a cell phone or other plug-in accessory, it may damage the part of the receptacle’s internal mechanism (bi-metal) that causes the cigarette lighter plug to ‘pop out’ once heated. Placing a lighter plug in a receptacle that has been damaged by a plug-in accessory may cause the plug to stick and overheat, possibly causing a fire which could spread from the receptacle to surrounding areas.

Therefore, if a receptacle is used even once to power a plug-in accessory, it must never be used to operate the cigarette lighter element. The entire socket must be replaced if wishing to using receptacle as a cigarette lighter.