Can I use synthetic oil in my engine?

All Subaru vehicles come from the factory with natural petroleum-based engine oil. Although more expensive, synthetic oil offers a number of advantages and may protect your engine better in both hot and cold temperatures. It reduces friction, thus increasing horsepower and decreasing fuel consumption. Synthetic oil minimizes ongoing wear and deterioration in your engine, which can result in longer engine life.

Synthetic oil should meet or exceed the specifications provided in your Owner’s Manual. Even if synthetic oil is used, we do not recommend a longer oil-change interval. Also, once synthetic oil is used, you should keep using it and not switch back and forth with natural petroleum-based oil. Oils with a 5W designation are recommended for use in Canada.

The Subaru New Vehicle Limited Warranty does not cover any damage to the engine resulting from the use of substandard engine oil, engine oil that is defective or engine oil that does not meet the specifications provided in your Owner’s Manual, regardless of whether the oil is natural or synthetic. You can protect yourself against this possibility by having your maintenance performed by a factory-authorized Subaru dealership.