What should I use to wash and wax my Subaru?

If possible, wash your Subaru regularly using a clean cloth, plenty of water and mild soap specially designed for automobiles; do not use dish soap. Harsh soap or an ammonia-based cleaner will remove the wax and dull your finish. For best long-term results, avoid automatic car washes – – they tend to user harsher soaps, and fine dirt particles adhering to brushes can cause unwelcome blemishes. Even the extreme water pressure powering touchless car washes can dull your paint’s finish after repeated use.

Polishing and waxing is recommended to maintain the original beauty of your Subaru’s paint finish. Many experts agree, however, that you should not wax your new vehicle untill it is at least two months old so that the paint can cure properly. This is not an issue if your vehicle has a clearcoat finish.

Wax should be applied once a month or when water no longer beads on the vehicle surface. Always wash and dry your Subaru before you begin waxing, even if you are using a combined cleaner and wax; Use a pure carnuba wax with no abrasives. If the finish has become dull in appearance, use a car-cleaning polish followed by a separate wax. Be sure to polish and wax the chrome trim as well as the paint. Carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions and precautions. Please refer to your owner’s manual for additional details.