Warning Light References

Warning Lights

What does it all mean?

A little knowledge can go a long way. By knowing what each of the warning lights on your instrument panel means and keeping an eye on them, you can help to avoid unexpected repairs. When you turn your key to the on position, each of the warning lights below will illuminate and stay lit for a short time after ignition to let you know that all systems are functioning properly. However, if any of these warning lights should stay lit or illuminate while you are driving, the following chart explains the steps you should take to ensure both your safety and the performance of your Subaru:


Check engine warning light/
malfunction indicator lamp

Indicates a problem with the emission control system. If the light comes on solid, you can drive for a period of time (this could also be due to a loose or missing fuel cap, please refer to your owner’s manual). If the light flashes, stop the vehicle as soon as you can safely do so and have the vehicle towed to the closest Subaru Dealership.


Charge warning light

The charging system is not working properly; stop the vehicle as soon as you can safely do so. Have your vehicle checked/repaired immediately.


Oil pressure warning lamp

Indicates low oil level or low oil pressure; stop your vehicle as soon as you can safely do so and immediately stop the engine. Have your vehicle towed to the closest Subaru dealership.

maint_Engine_low_oil_ level_ warning

Engine low oil level warning

Indicates that the engine oil level has decreased below the lower acceptable limit. If the light illuminates while driving, safely park the vehicle on a level surface and check oil, refill if necessary.


Automatic transmission oil temperature warning light

Illumination while driving may indicate the automatic transmission fluid is too hot; avoid steep grades or stop-and-go traffic. Flashing at start-up may indicate a problem in the control system; stop the vehicle as soon as you can safely do so and have it towed to the closest Subaru dealership.


ABS warning light

The ABS system is not functioning properly; have the ABS system repaired as soon as possible. Regular braking system is still available.


Brake system warning light

1) The parking brake is engaged.
2) The brake system may not be working properly.
3) The brake fluid level is low. If the parking brake is in the OFF position, stop the vehicle as soon as you can safely do so and have it towed to the closest Subaru dealership.


Seatbelt icon image

Initially flashes on for 6 seconds on start-up, but will alternately flash and illuminate until seatbelts are fastened. A chime will also sound simultaneously if the driver’s seatbelt is not fastened.

maint_Passenger_ side_ airbag_ icon

Passenger-side airbag icon

A detection system in the front passenger seat will turn the passenger airbag OFF or ON according to the weight on the seat. If the icon shows the airbag with an X across it, there is not sufficient weight in the seat to activate the system and the airbag will not deploy in the event of a frontal crash.


SRS airbag system warning light

Indicates that airbags and/or seatbelt pre-tensioners are not functioning properly and may not deploy and should be checked immediately.