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You can depend on Willowdale Subaru as your one stop shop for everything your car needs this season! We take pride in providing our new and long time customers with quality maintenance and repair service at a rate that won't break the bank.

Enjoy greater peace of mind thanks to our comprehensive 30 point inspection. It's designed by our staff of factory trained and fully qualified mechanics to catch potential issues before they become problems.

Time for your scheduled maintenance?

Our service team is ready for the warmer weather and are scheduling quick service appointments every day. Learn more about our service department here and contact us in seconds. Getting ready for a trip in your Subaru? Learn more about how Subaru is helping you on the road with our C.A.R.E program's roadside assistance.

Need parts? Have questions about your Subaru?

Did you know you can request a part online if you know what your Subaru needs and where you want to take it in the future? Contact our team to order a part you need in seconds online and we'll get back to you ASAP.

We also have parts specials that change with the seasons to save you the most on Subaru tires, Subaru accessories, and more at your local Toronto Subaru one-stop shop.

Summer Tire Change Over - Balance, Alignment, and Storage

Warm weather is here, that means it's time to change over your tires. Driving on your winter tires after the cold weather ends will wear down your tires faster and will force you to replace your tires more often, which will cost you rather than save you money. At Willowdale Subaru get a summer tire change over, balance, alignment and storage for $249.95 +tax until May 31st. 


  • Remove winter tires on rims
  • Balance and install summer tires
  • Four-wheel computerized alignment
  • Tire storage for 6 months
4 Wheel Alignment

It's pothole season in Canada. As the weather begins to warm up potholes are becoming a larger problem on our roads. Potholes can cause tire damage, alignment issues, suspension problems and other forms of vehicle damage. Beat the potholes this spring with a 4-wheel alignment at Willowdale Subaru for $99.95+tax until May 31st


  • Inspect and/or adjust camber, caster and toe angles
  • Check front and rear suspension for wear
  • Check tire wear and tire condition
  • Inflate tire air pressure to specifications
  • Print out before and after wheel alignment specifications

Storing your own tires can be difficult as the season changes. They are large, heavy and dirty and tend to take up most of your garage. At Willowdale Subaru, there is more than enough room to store your seasonal tires. Store your tires at Willowdale Subaru for the next 6 months for $99.95 +tax until May 31st.

  • Store your seasonal tires in our secure and insured tire storage warehouse
  • Each tire is recorded, tagged, and shipped to our warehouse facility

Upgrade, accessorize and personalize your Subaru this spring with the genuine Subaru parts from Willowdale Subaru. Only Genuine Subaru Style Accessories can deliver the precise fit and function to match your style and your life. Get 10% off until May 31st on all your favourite Genuine Subaru Accessories.

Save big this spring on all season tires. At Willowdale Subaru, you will get the best price guaranteed on your new tires. Tires are an important safety and performance component of your Subaru. The well-trained service staff at Willowdale Subaru will help you choose the right tire for your Subaru and your budget. Get the best deals until May 31st.

Get ready for spring with a full gold detailing package. Enjoy the feeling of having a spotless vehicle without any of the work when you bring it to Willowdale Subaru. Make your Subaru look like new again! Save $50 on your detailing package until May 31st.


  • Wash, wax, and buff
  • Detail wheels
  • Complete interior cleaning
  • Dress all plastics and tires
Get Subaru Maintenance Tips from Toronto Subaru Experts


When you change your oil and oil filter, you should also check the rest of your fluids. Bring your vehicle in to have your power steering, brake, and transmission fluids checked. We can also check your windshield washer fluid and your coolant. If the levels are low, we'll top them up, and flush/replace them as needed.


Your car has several filters that are important to its longevity and should be replaced regularly. Bring your vehicle in to Willowdale Subaru and we can check your engine air filter, cabin air filter, and your fuel filter for damage or clogging and replace them if necessary.


Cold temperatures can do a number on your battery, so now is a good time to have it tested. You should also check to make sure that your battery is securely mounted and that the connections are clean, tight, and corrosion free. If your battery is more than five years old, you should consider having it replaced.


Your tires are the only point of contact between you and road, so it’s important to take care of them. We can check the pressure of all your tires (including the spare) and maintain the optimal pressure. We can also check the tread for uneven or irregular wear and for cuts or bruises on the sidewalls. We recommend to rotate your tires every 10,000 kilometers, and have us replace them if they are worn or damaged.

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